Friday, August 11, 2006

.Net Magazine Makeover

Have you read .Net magazine recently?

I've never been an avid reader, but I was browsing Andy Budd's website the other day, and a blog post about .Net mag caught my eye, which made me go and search it out at Smith's on my way home from work.

It is indeed a very good read, and I'll give you a short summary of the best bits, if you like:

Interview with Joshua Schachter, founder of
Articles on blogging for businesses, how the website was given a makeover, including accessibility considerations and a showcase on the best in current web design.
Makeover Suggestions for to make it more user focussed
Tutorials, lots of tutorials, and certainly not all aimed at the "hobbyist", including:

  • Simple liquid layouts using CSS
  • Giving your photos the Lomo treatment with Photoshop
  • Easy Google Maps programming with AJAX
  • Securing your PHP eCommerce scripts
  • Generating SVG graphics with Inkscape (open source app available from the CD with the mag)
  • How to make great-looking pull quotes with CSS

The usual news, reviews, expert opinion and letters pages.
A fun bit at the end, the /trash section, which included a link to the ridiculous website,

At £5.99 per issue, you might think it's a bit steep. But if you subscribe by direct debit, apparently you only pay £11.79 every three months. Now that's tempting...

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Anonymous said...

I am the webmaster of GardenAction, the site mentioned in part of your blog. I never realised that my site had been reviewed by .Net! Thanks for pointing it out.