Sunday, September 24, 2006

Upcoming Events

I've recently signed up for so I can keep an eye out on what's in the pipeline in the near future. Two events caught my eye, coincidentally on consecutive evenings (all we need is a third one and they'll be like London Buses...)

Thursday 19th October
Web Standards Group Meeting # 2 where Microformats will be discussed. See for more details.

Friday 20th October
London Geek Dinner, special guest Molly E. Holzschlag. See the Geek Dinner website for more details.

Both events look like a good evening; perhaps I'll see some of you there.


Anonymous said...

Great website, I have signed up too :-)

Roger said...

Hi Caroline,


I just found out via your site about the upcoming meeting re: WCAG and thought I would mention that the link is to Muffin Researches last event.

Here is the correct link:

Thanks again for spotting the event, as I had totally missed it.


Caz Mockett said...

The link I posted was posted by Muffin in August but it did relate to the October meeting (there hasn't been a Microformats meeting by the WSG yet) - but this was the only page up when I did my post.

Thanks for the update, it does indeed give more info about the event.

Caz Mockett said...

Actually, I just noticed an even better URL:

David Long said...

I also signed up for upcoming this week.

I wanted to attend the microformats but it clashes with my shedule.

I have applied to go to the Geek Dinner but last I checked there were over 70 people already planning to attend so I don't know if they'll be room.

Fingers crossed I'll see you there.

BTW I love your blog and have added a link to you on my site.

David Long said...

Hi Caz,

It was nice to meet you today at the Geek Dinner.

I've posted an article about it on my blog, will look out for your entry.