Monday, November 20, 2006

20x2 v6.5 - Where Am I?

I had fun at last night's 20x2 event, which was well attended by those keen to see the first event held outside Texas. The speakers were:

  1. allison pickett (artist)
  2. steve day (comedian)
  3. jaye joseph (designer)
  4. jon roobottom (designer)
  5. ann mcmeekin (designer/photographer)
  6. steve marshall (developer/designer)
  7. bobby pathak (journalist)
  8. frances berriman (designer)
  9. diego brown & the good fairy (band)
  10. james edwards (developer/designer) - no-show :-(
  11. david frew (acerbia)
  12. john bergaman (artist)
  13. jen dixon (writer, photographer, web geek)
  14. andy galletly (producer/cinematographer)
  15. gavin strange (designer)
  16. leisa reichelt (user experience consultant)
  17. gia milinovich (blogger/tv presenter)
  18. sam sethi (entrepreneur, techcrunch uk)
  19. buswell (band)
  20. foundry (artist)
As you can see, a varied bunch, and certainly a varied interpretation of the question, where am i?

And here are a few photos from the evening:

[my name is roobottom...]

[frances berriman... cue hysteria!]

[foundary whizzes up some art in 2 minutes]

You can see a few more photos from the event at my flickr account.


Frances Berriman said...

Oh! So that's what I looked like. I still don't really remember doing it. I just remember the feeling of sheer panic and horror.

Caz Mockett said...

You did fine, Frances - the terror didn't show on the outside ;-)