Friday, December 15, 2006

Pub Standards Party

As if last Saturday's BBC Backstage Xmas party wasn't enough, a group of hardy drinkers gathered last night for the Pub Standards Christmas party.

Much beer was consumed. It was Norm!'s birthday, and he'd very kindly paid for food to be provided, so the gannets soon swooped and demolished that too. The CSS Div had made a very sticky chocolate confection in Birthday Boy's honour, and that was handed round. Very rich, one tiny piece could send you into hyper-glycemic shock.

Frances was quite tipsy, although she's sworn me to secrecy on that one. Oops! And before I left, Matt and Patrick had persuaded me to go along to Matt's birthday showing of Raiders Of The Lost Ark tomorrow. Renting the whole cinema! Extravagance, or what? Most of us just rent the DVD. Ah, well, I could not provide a good alibi for not attending, so I'll be in the audience at 3pm - Matt might even give me a free "John Wayne" badge...


Frances Berriman said...

Mean :(

Glad you're coming tomorrow though!

Caz Mockett said...

I might get tipsy tomorrow and you can tell everyone just to get your revenge ;-)