Monday, February 19, 2007

Composition #5 - Creating Depth

Depth can be emphasised with good lead-in lines.

Also, make sure there is something of interest in the three areas of your picture:

  • Foreground [rocks]
  • Middle distance [sheep]
  • Background [hills]
It's those thirds again…


[Beached Lobster Pot - getting up close to the lobster pot (with a wide-angle lens) made it appear bigger in the frame; the rocks lead through the middle ground to the background hills]

[Heavy Traffic - the huskies in the foreground lead to skiers (middle ground) and hills beyond]

[Twilight Expedition - foreground interest is provided by the figures and dinghy, mid-ground is the tethered boat and more hills in the background]

[My Imaginary Friend - foreground girl is reflected to give some middle-distance interest; the background is not so significant in this shot]

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