Monday, February 19, 2007

Vibrant Colour

Subjects with vivid colours have immediate impact.

Again, this can be one single colour or perhaps two complimentary colours from opposite ends of the specrum - eg. blue and yellow.

For the most vibrant colours, you need good strong lighting - plenty of sun or perhaps flash, depending on the subject.


[The Mini Crevass - anything red has an immediate impact, and this macro shot of frost patterns on my car is no exception]

[The Green Lens - still striking, but grabs the attention a little bit less than it's red brother. The lighthouse lens is lit from behind by a shaft of sun]

[The Stamping Ground - stage lighting gives this shot a dramatic feel. I liked the contrast between red and yellow gels]

[Blue Luzzu - strong Mediterranean sun (and a polarising filter) brought out the depth of the colours in this Maltese fishing boat. I liked the complimentary blues and yellows]


Sheila Farrell said...

Thank you for the wonderul tutorials and great photos to illustrate the theories ... they were brilliant

Caz Mockett said...

Sheila, thanks for your feedback :-)

Expect to see some of your lovely pics soon!