Saturday, October 21, 2006

Geek Dinner With Molly Holzschlag

Great evening at the Geek Dinner last night, with guest Molly Holzschlag. I've only been to one other, where Chris Anderson gave us a talk about The Long Tail, so I was a bit surprised that Molly didn't give a presentation as such, but we all enjoyed her company and she was pleased to chat with anyone about anything.

It was nice to catch up with existing friends; Sheila Farrell, Robert Lee-Cann, Ross Bruniges, Ian Forrester and Chris Heilmann, plus make some new ones! I had interesting chats with:

So there we are, a good group of names I can now put faces to - see you at the next one folks!

Oh, and fresh from the recent Microformats WSG-meet, I've marked this up with a load of hCard info :-)


Frances Berriman said...

Hey - It was nice to meet you! You're as good as signed up for the next BarCamp, you realise!

Caz Mockett said...

Hi Frances - actually, that would be great, as I've finally thought of a topic I'd be happy presenting - Just need to know when it is!! ;-)

Molly E. Holzschlag said...


Wonderful to have met you, really enjoyed our banter and I'm looking forward to more in the future :)